Welcome to the Studio Fertility
Take Back Control
4 Day Video Series

Step 1.

Check Your Email Inbox

Go to the inbox of the email address you used to sign up to the Free 4 Day Video Series.

Day 1 should be delivered to you straight away.

If you don’t see an email within the next 5 minutes with all the details, check your spam/junk/promotions folders.

Step 2.

Be Patient

When I’ve been testing the videos, sometimes after clicking the link, the video might take a little time to load.

Don’t click away, just wait a good 20 seconds and it will pop up!

Step 3.

Priortise the Videos

Each of the 4 videos is very short and I’ve deliberately done it this way so as not to overwhelm you when you are probably already overwhelmed.

But also so it won’t take up much time.

Schedule the time to watch the videos and do the exercises to get the maximum benefit.

And enjoy!!