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5 Things to Look For When Choosing a Fertility Clinic

As a veteran IVFer and someone who talks to women going through procedures at Fertility Clinics every day of the week, I decided to hone in on the 5 things to look for when choosing a fertility clinic and why.

Because we don’t know what we don’t know and it can feel like a scary thing to do. 

So if you are looking at getting help with conceiving a baby and the next step is a Fertility Clinic then it’s important that you feel informed about your choices.

So if you are currently asking yourself, what should I look for when choosing a fertility clinic? Then this podcast is for you.

So grab a cup of tea and maybe a pen and paper as I dive into:

  • – What questions you should ask a fertility clinic
  • – Why choosing a fertility clinic just on highest success rate isn’t always a good way to choose a clinic and how those numbers can be skewed.
  • – And how to find out what to expect at a fertility clinic

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Enjoy xx


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