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7 Practical Ways to Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed On Your Fertility Journey

Have you been listening to a million podcasts, absorbing a plethora of articles and basically still confused about how to stop feeling so overwhelmed whilst trying to conceive?

I know sometimes on the podcast, I present bigger concepts like unconscious conflicts and how true change happens at the level of identity, but sometimes that stuff can feel too out of reach when you just feel absolutely crap.

So today I wanted to focus on 7 very PRACTICAL ways you can stop feeling so overwhelmed that have made huge differences for my clients instantly whilst on their fertility journey.

Because when you can create a little more calm in your mind, body and soul then the bigger stuff seems easier to tackle.

And when you know what to do then you can implement it straight away without having to work it out in a moment when  you feel completely overwhelmed.

And that’s the point, if you are feeling really overwhelmed, you won’t figure it out because our brains literally shut of conscious and logic in that moment.

So without further ado.

Enjoy xx