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7 Ways Fertility Affects Your Relationship and How to Cope

Major life events have been shown to either make a relationship swim or a relationship fall apart and sink.  And some of the major reasons people cite for divorce are:

Lack of communication, financial troubles and sex and intimacy issues. 

Infertility struggles can often bring about all 3.

Relationships can be tricky to navigate at the best of times, and we all go through rough patches, but adding an infertility struggle to the mix can create a whole new ball game.

Today on the podcast, I talk about 7 different ways that fertility challenges can affect your relationship, causing more strain and tension and different ways to bring your relationship closer together.

In it I discuss:

  • – What the number 1 thing is for the basis for a great relationship 
  • – 5 ways that you can start to bring your relationship closer together
  • – And how to actually have healthy discussions instead of heated arguments.


Bella xxx

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