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A Journey to Solo Motherhood with Ebony Hibbert

What do supermarket toilets, California wildfires and perseverance have to do with fertility?

Well, EVERYTHING when it came to conceiving for Ebony Hibbert. Today I am joined on the podcast by the beautiful and amazing Ebony Hibbert from The Fertility Balance who shares with us in-depth her incredible journey to conceiving.

And how she did it all SOLO!

Solo Motherhood is definitely a great option to starting a family for many women, and Ebony walks us through her journey of Egg Freezing at 36 to starting her solo journey at the age of 39 with all the pitfalls and challenges she endured along the way.

And why she believes community is SO essential.

And how her journey went from desperation to mental and emotional strength.

I know you will gain incredible strength from this story.

Bella x

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