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Best Diet For Unexplained Infertility with The Dietologist

Do you feel like your fertility diet is all about restriction and what you can’t have? No gluten, no dairy, no alcohol, no caffeine, no sugar, no fun??

Is your diet causing you more stress than it is worth?

Today on the podcast I am joined by a wonderful person, Stefanie Valakas who goes by The Dietologist.

I wanted to have Stefanie on because so many women get really obsessed about their diets whilst trying to conceive and she brings a wonderfully balanced perspective to fertility diets and what is appropriate and what isn’t.

Eating is such a big part of our lives and it is good to be as healthy as possible whilst trying to conceive but what does that mean for you?

Just following the general advice can make your diet just another cause for an emotional breakdown!

So, Today on the podcast we talk about:

  • Where you might start with your diet with unexplained infertility
  • What’s the deal with gluten and dairy?
  • Supplements – yah or nay?
  • Is weight or health more important?
  • And what to do if you have MTHFR gene mutation.
  • Plus other great tips along the way…

I think you will like what she has to say…

Enjoy xx


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And if you want to know more about Stefanie:

Stefanie Valakas is an expert fertility dietitian and nutritionist and founder of The Dietologist. Stefanie and her virtual practice are dedicated to excellence in nutrition for reproductive health concerns, fertility and pregnancy. You can learn about how you can work with Stefanie and The Dietologist team here:


Instagram @the_dietologist and @endo.dietitian 

Facebook Pages: The Dietologist and The Endometriosis Dietitian Facebook Group: Fertility Friendly Food Podcast: Fertility Friendly Food 

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