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Don’t Set New Years Goals AND How The Past Can Affect Your Fertility

It’s a brand new year, 2022, with a whole bunch of possibilities and opportunities!

And so this podcast is in two parts.

1. Don’t Set New Years Goals –

Do you ever set New Years Resolutions and Goals? How many times have you actually achieved any of them?

I want to give you a more effective way to start your year instead that will enable you to get the wins you are looking for and will enable you to start to enjoy your life more in the process, that builds trust within yourself.

2. How The Past Can Affect Your Fertility – which I consider to be often the key to fertility challenges.

And I also wanted to address a key theme that I see come up time and time again with my clients about how their pasts can affect their fertility.

And it’s got nothing to do with bad diets or being on the pill or waiting too long to start.

Tune in today so that you can focus your year in a way that is healthy for you and starts to bring in good things for you.

Bella xx