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Episode 13: How To Let Go Of the Age And Time Thing!

When it comes to life, most people worry about time and age.

“I thought I would have achieved more by now, I thought I would own a house by now, I thought I would further along in my career, met the man of my dreams, earned more money” – however you measure your ‘success’.

When it comes to the fertility journey, this fear of Age and Time gets even more heightened because of all the scary statistics and this ticking of a biological clock.

These fears can often drive us to then try to CONTROL every little aspect of trying to get pregnant until we drive ourselves crazy.

But it’s time to embrace where we are and let these things go so we can put that energy into conceiving.

In this episode I talk about:

  • Why the AGE thing is where most of the fear and panic comes from
  • How society influences us to believe we can’t conceive over a certain age through language and outdated ideas from the days of our grandmothers
  • Why conceiving in your 40’s is actually a natural thing
  • The ‘statistics’ and why they aren’t accurate
  • Why making a commitment to letting it go is important
  • The truth about diminished egg quality from a purely scientific point of view
  • How to actually embrace the age you are and why your current age is a good thing
You are more powerful that you give yourself credit for. Make a commitment to that power and change your results.

Enjoy xx