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Episode 14: Following Your Intuition On The Fertility Journey

What happens when your fertility journey is starting to feel like a tragedy?  What happens when it feels like your whole body and world is letting you down?  What do you do when you are getting competing messages from people on your fertility team?

It’s time to dial down the fear, outside noise, resistance and judgement.  It’s time to go internal and tap into your intuition.  Because you can never go wrong if you are listening to yourself.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Why intuition should be the first thing we tap into on our fertility journey
  • Why following your intuition can be downright scary
  • How tapping into your intuition can help you to keep grounded and keep the faith when everything around you seems to be going horribly wrong
  • How using your intuition can help you find your path again to what is right for you, and
  • A quick exercise to practice to start to tap into, and learn to trust, your intuition again


Bella xx