Episode 25: Discovering Your Emotional Blocks to Fertility

Anxiety, depression, stress, misery – these have all proven to have detrimental effects to a woman’s fertility.

But what isn’t widely known is how there can be many other emotional blocks to your fertility as well that don’t look so obvious.

– Have you ever been terrified about how to keep your child safe once it is born?
– Have you got some unresolved traumatic events in your life?
– Did you have a pregnancy scare in your youth that terrified you for getting pregnant now?
– Are you just wondering how you are going to manage your career and your baby at the same time?
– Are you scared of being pregnant?
– Are you worried about your level of freedom after having a baby?

I have worked with woman who had these emotional blocks and once we cleared them, got pregnant.

So let’s explore what Emotional Blocks to Fertility are and where you can start.



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