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Episode 26: Fertility and Mental Health: How to Start Feeling Better Now

Infertility is a burden that too many couples have to bear. And often goes on for years.

It has been shown in studies that it can have as much impact on someone as those diagnosed with Cancer, HIV or Heart Disease.

And it can take a big toll on peoples mental health, marriages, friendships, families, work and daily life.

That’s why today on the podcast I want to you talk to you about how I approached my fertility and how I now approach my life.

So if you want to:

– learn how to start thinking differently about your fertility and your life
– want to know what to look for in your own language
– want to discover what I want you to get ANGRY about!
– want some tools to start to feel better now
– need a bit of a hand to do that

Then grab a cup of tea! And let’s chat.

Enjoy xx