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Episode 8: The Power Of The Fertile Identity

Are you ready for one of the most POWERFUL things I do with my clients?

When we think about ourselves in the fertility journey we don’t often think about there being a fertile identity to us. But everyone has one, whether that is a positive identity or a negative identity.

And it affects what we do, say, think and feel. It also affects our results.

In this episode I explore:

  • What an identity is
  • How identity has the power to influence the physical body and biochemistry
  • The power of language and thoughts to control the physical body
  • Some seriously EYE-OPENING examples
  • How to start building a positive fertile identity, and
  • How to know if you are tapped into your fertile goddess
I honestly provide some pretty mind-blowing examples, so you will want to tune in to hear it.

Enjoy xx