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How Do You Deal With Your Fears About Your Fertility Challenges?

The stress, the overwhelm, the obsessive behaviour and thoughts, the sleepless nights, that total chaos that is infertility can boil down to one big thing – FEAR!

We are AFRAID. Afraid of our emotions and how we are feeling. Afraid of our thoughts and how dark they get. Afraid of never feeling better. Afraid of getting pregnant. Afraid of not getting pregnant.

The fears can be endless and crippling and it’s often these that cause us the stress, the overwhelm and the chaos.

So today I wanted to talk to you about your fears. All of the them. The small ones and the big scary ones and why and how I think it is important to have a moment of honesty with yourself so you can start to feel more free mentally and emotionally.

Come with me today on a journey as I gently guide you through your fears.

And how they are often just not that scary.

Bella xx