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How To Deal With Pregnancy Announcements When You’re Dealing With Infertility

Did you always imagine how you were going to announce your pregnancy to your friends?  You started TTC in earnest and collected all these cute ideas and you daydreamed about how you would tell your partner, your friends and your family.  You saw in your mind how happy people would be for you. 

But then infertility struck and all those dreams got ripped away!

And then, friend after friend, after family member started announcing their pregnancies and they started to feel like a knife through the heart.  You became afraid to even open your social media stream!

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately living in isolation from the rest of the world is not an option on the fertility journey.

So today, I am joined by Author and Fertility Coach (and friend) Jennifer Robertson, as we talk about the dreaded pregnancy announcement and how you can start to deal with them. 

(Seriously, check out Jen’s amazing book “The Injustice of Infertility” a very raw and honest book that shows a warts and all account of infertility).

With  a 7 year long journey herself that included surrogacy and then a natural pregnancy, Jennifer admits to not handling pregnancy announcements so well and why that it is just a normal reaction.

We also discuss:

  • Why pregnancy announcements hurt so much
  • Why some pregnancy announcements hurt more than others
  • How  you can prepare yourself for them.
  • Standard responses you can set yourself up with to cushion the blow.

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Want to Connect with Jennifer?

Jennifer Robertson is a fertility coach and has helped women all over the world transform their mindset and take back control of their life in the midst of infertility.

She is also author of The Injustice of Infertility, a deeply inspiring and raw account of her own seven-year fertility journey.

You can find her here:

Instagram: or 


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