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How to Survive The Two Week Wait

What do you think of when you hear the words – the two week wait?

Does it conjure up images of panic and frustration? Do you see yourself crying in the bathroom over another negative pregnancy test?

The dreaded two week wait – it may only be 14 days but it can feel like years and make even the sanest person feel crazy!

Struggling to conceive for month after month to year after year can really take its toll so today on the podcast, let’s talk about ways that you can actually survive the two week wait just a little better.

In particular I discuss:

– What to stay away from and WHY
– What we are actually seeking when we google symptoms
– How to create a super brain mind hack for yourself to make yourself feel calm in an instant
– Why it’s more important to be in a state of receiving and possibility

And many other unique tricks to allow you to feel more at peace during your cycle and not find yourself stuck in misery.

Enjoy xx


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