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How We Mask Our Pain With Common Mindfulness Practices

The Mindfulness space is a wonderful thing that made so many more people aware of how they could help themselves through difficult things in life.

BUT far too many people are being sold the idea of a quick fix and end up practicing toxic positivity.

They meditate everyday, but still spend the majority of it anxious and trying to be a perfectionist.

They say mantra, that make themselves feel okay for a minute, but ignore the fact that their unconscious mind is vehemently disagreeing with the words they are trying to get themselves to believe.

They do gratitude journals and they know they should be grateful, but it fails to really shift them for most of the day to a place of feeling more at peace.

All these tools are exceptional but not when you don’t know why you are using them, how they work or have addressed the underlying foundational things you need to address first.

Today I want to address why some of these tools may be holding you back because you aren’t at a place where they are effective yet.

Bella xx