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Signs From The Universe

I’ve always accepted about me that I’m about a woo and a half. And not full woo-woo.

I have a very (hardcore) logical side to me but I’ve had one too many things happen in my life with energetic connections and weird things that have happened, including strong signs around me that it is too hard to ignore.

And quite frankly, I love it. I got a LOT of signs on my fertility journey, that I didn’t really recognise as such. But they also kept me company and made me feel good – you’ll see what I mean when you tune in!

But I think signs are something that we have to be careful about. When we are in a place of fear and doubt about our baby, wondering if we will ever be mothers – we can be desperate for a sign from the universe.

We can read into things that are not there. We can get superstitious. And we can feel disillusioned when we think we get our signs and then find out we aren’t pregnant.

So today on the podcast, I talk in-depth about some of my experiences and then talk about ways to start to allow signs from the Universe into your own life in a way that is FUN and not FORCED.

I really hope you enjoy this one today.

And let me know what signs you get!

Bella x

PSSSSSST! I want to know your story – You can tell me what signs you get by finding me on Instagram.