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The Lasting Trauma Of Infertility (And What To Do About It!)

Infertility struggles can feel like a life sentence and quite often when the traumatic feeling of infertility takes over your life – it can be – unless you do something about it.

Today on the podcast I want to talk about infertility and it’s trauma to normalise that this is in fact something that we need to take more seriously as a society.

Because Infertility struggles aren’t easy but we as women tend to downplay our experiences in order to cope.

And I also want to talk about it to highlight:

  • – Why infertility can be a really traumatic experience
  • – The difference between little trauma and big Trauma
  • – Why a successful pregnancy doesn’t end the trauma of infertility
  • – The three reasons I think that you need to heal your heart BEFORE you conceive your baby
  • – Why society treats this trauma as invisible
  • – Why we tend to downplay our own experiences and feelings, and
  • – What to do about it.


Bella xx

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