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Trying To Conceive As A Type A Personality and Why It Is Not All Bad with Robyn Birkin

Do you feel lost without your To-Do list?

Do people call you a perfectionist?

Do you want to ALWAYS be in control of situations?

Are you regularly impatient with the speed of achievement in your life?

Do you live by the philosophy of just work harder to get what you want?

Well these can all be traits of someone who identifies as being Type A.

Unfortunately on the fertility pathway to-do lists, perfectionism, control, impatience and working harder to get what you want are some of the very things that will work against you in being able to maintain sanity and improve fertility outcomes.

Let’s face it though, a fertility journey that isn’t going well, even if you aren’t Type A, is riddled with anxiety and stress inducing situations, decisions and outcomes.

So today on the podcast, I’m joined by my gorgeous industry colleague, Robyn Birkin, to talk about Type A personalities and why it is not ALL bad.

And some things you can implement to help you feel a little more in control.

Bella xx

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Connect With Robyn

Robyn Birkin is a holistic life coach and mind body practitioner. And she also hosts her own Award Winning Podcast, The Fertility Warriors.

She is on a mission, to ensure that women don’t suffer through infertility.

She now spends her time helping Type A women, just like herself, let go of control, ditch anxiety and forge ahem on the fertility journey with confidence, joy and primed for success.

And you can find her here: