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5 Tips to Prepare for Your Next IVF Cycle

I sat in the IVF clinic waiting for my name to be called for my ultrasound and blood test. My husband sat beside me as I scanned the room.

Barely a partner could be seen in that room and I could FEEL the sadness and desperation and sheer longing from the devastated women around me.

You could cut the energy with a knife it was so palpable.

That moment right there was when I decided that I would somehow be a part of women’s lives who were struggling with infertility someday.

See, I didn’t feel like that. I still had emotions of anticipation and nervousness but that is to be expected throughout IVF, but I was not experiencing the pain that these other women were.

I wanted to know who was helping these women and it was clear that no-one was.

But my fertility journey was not always like that. I had spent 10 years in similar heartbreak to the woman around me, that’s why I knew what needed to be done.

And today I give you the 5 biggest tips to prepare yourself for your next IVF cycle.

Bella x

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