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An Honest Account of A Miscarriage

Warning: This podcast is about a real miscarriage and involves details that can be disturbing and quite graphic for some listeners. But that’s also the point. It’s about the realities of what someone go through.

Miscarriages are surprisingly common, but one of the most heart-breaking things you can go through.

And no two miscarriages are the same. Some you might barely notice and others are extremely physical.

And they can be very emotionally and mentally taxing.

But I think it is important to be really open about miscarriages and exactly what they can be like sometimes. Because first trimester miscarriages can be far more physically demanding than some people would have you realise.

So I wanted to give an honest account of a miscarriage that I went through at the 9 week mark and the layers of it that made it so difficult to deal with.

Physically, mentally and emotionally.

It is graphic in nature so if you think you will find this triggering please do yourself a favour and don’t listen.

Bella xx