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Answers To The Questions You Want to Know!

I ran an amazing 3 day event that I really got a lot of joy out of really helping amazing women like yourself to find their calm in their journey and TAKE BACK CONTROL

As part of the event, we had a great Q&A session. And I loved these questions so much, I thought I would record them for you for the podcast too.

So strap yourself in for real questions from real people on the fertility journey!

I answer the following questions today:

1. Do you have any advice for couples where one partner is the worrier (me) and the other isn’t sure how to be supportive? It feels lonely to be worrying alone, but I know more worrying isn’t the solution.

2. Do you have any tips for being in denial about maybe having to have IVF? It’s not something I thought I would ever be on my path but I struggle accepting that fact even though it’s a good thing

3. How do you know it’s time to accept the IVF route?

4. Tips on how to decide and be at peace with the next ‘right step’?

5. I’m struggling to decide what the right next steps are for me, but then I get so worried about time slipping away and this race against the clock. Any advice for getting past the constant worry about timeline?

6. Do you have a favorite activity to take the place of the constant googling?

7. How do you respond to friends/co-workers/family members that offer advice in the form of supplements and other things they suggest you try to help you get pregnant? I know they have the best intentions but it’s not helpful to hear how you can ‘fix’ yourself if you just took another pill, etc.

8. Why is it every time I start a new cycle I get this kind of urgency feeling? Urgency to change something in my life, it could be anything from need to change my diet and have to buy new furniture. It doesn’t make sense most of the time but at that moment it’s like I’ve got to find something to fix.

9. How do you deal with friends being pregnant before you and jealousy and guilt?

I hope you get amazing value out of today.

Enjoy xx