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Considering Using Donor Eggs, Embryos or Sperm? with Meta Getman

The options for creating families these days has gone far beyond natural conception, adoption or IVF.

Which brings so many more opportunities for us to create our families when we otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

There is donor eggs, embryos, sperm and even surrogacy. But these options also bring with it a tonne more questions and crap load more emotional considerations.

So many women and couples in this position have questions like:

– Will I be able to connect with a baby who doesn’t share my DNA?

– Will my child look like me so I don’t have to answer a million questions of people all the time?

– Will the child fit into my family?

– Can you have a closed or open adoption of the donor eggs and sperm?

– Will I feel like I’m not the child’s mother?

– Who will I have to tell?

– How would I even broach this topic with the child?

– Is it expensive?

Phew! There is a lot.

So maybe you are considering donation or really just want to know more.

Well, I am joined by the wonderful Meta Getman who will help us answer all these questions today and more.

Join us and we talk about all things donor and what you might need to consider, and hopefully, how it can be such a joyful choice for you if this is your path.

Bella xx

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Want to connect with Meta?

Meta Getman, is a donor conception coach and mom to two beautiful donor conceived children. She helps others who are using donor eggs, donor sperm, or donor embryos on their journey to becoming parents.

And you can find her here:

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