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Episode 10: The Power Of Making Decisions On The Fertility Journey

We live in a chaotic world with a lot of external noise and advice. There are a lot of fertility statistics that get thrown around which create immense fear and panic. There are so many types of natural products, alternative therapies and medical therapies that we can try to ultimately conceive.

The Internet can also be a place of intense information, mis-information and information overload.

So, then how amidst all that noise do we actually make a decision that will powerfully impact our chances of conceiving?

In this episode I explore:

  • Why it can be so hard to make a decision on the fertility journey
  • Why there is so much conflicting information
  • Why I don’t advocate for passivity in the fertility journey
  • Why wanting someone else to tell us what to do doesn’t work
  • How to be the leader in your fertility journey, 
  • PLUS, a very powerful and very simple exercise to help you to make complex decisions.
I also give you an example of how I put this exercise into practise with a client this week in a time crunch situation.

Stay safe everyone!

Love Bella xx