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Episode 11: Dealing With Heightened Emotions

“A mind once expanded can never retract”.

And right now in the world, our minds are being expanded to a new way of thinking and being because the way we have to interact in the world is completely different. And I don’t think we will ever get back to being and living how we were before.

The COVID crisis has brought new challenges to the fertility journey in regards to access to fertility services and alternative therapies such as acupuncture and massage. And we need to be mindful that we have no way of knowing how all of this will change fertility challenges in general.

And there is a lot of heightened emotion right now about all of it! And if you are experiencing a fertility challenge that emotion can be doubled!

In this episode I talk about:

  • Why the COVID crisis reminds me of the fertility journey
  • Why if you aren’t coping right now, you don’t need to be
  • The 1 thing we all need to do to find greater joy, peace and freedom in our lives (and it can happen quickly!),
  • How to deal with the COVID challenge and why it is so taxing on us
  • How fear keeps us stuck
  • How to deal with your fertility journey during this time and how to change your perspective
  • The illusion of ‘control’ and how it manifests in actions
  • How to get super curious about WHY you feel bad and WHY that is important! and
  • Super quick easy ways to actually start to deal with your emotions once and for all.
Remember lovely ladies, we are all in this together. So if you need a helping hand – reach out.

Bella xx