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Episode 12: Stuck Energy – How To Get Your Fertility Journey Unstuck

“What we resist, persists” – Carl Jung.

Have you ever felt totally stuck, like your whole life is on hold?

Are you feeling that way right now with your fertility journey?

Well, it’s time to learn about stuck energy and how to get unstuck and call your baby in!

In this episode I explore:

  • How to find the good in your fertility challenges and why
  • How to practice focussing on the bigger picture – faith over fear
  • How our energy can keep us stuck experiencing the same situations over and over and reinforce them
  • How to not let your fertility journey define you or your future
  • How to accept your current situation to allow your baby to come to you
  • What your fertility journey can teach you
  • How to change your perspective to get unstuck
  • How getting help outside of ourselves can allow us to transform, and
  • The ONE thing that will turn your entire fertility journey around.
xx Bella