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Episode 18: Getting triggered…

When we are going through undue stress like a fertility journey, then we can be more sensitive to things that we usually wouldn’t be sensitive too. Like opinions of others or getting our period!

We become fragile emotionally and start to be ‘triggered’ all over the place.

Well today, we are going to talk about triggers and what they are all about.

Because maybe you are over feeling shitty all the time…

In this episode we will talk about:

– Why this topic is so important on the fertility journey
– One thing that delights me about triggers and one thing that pisses me off
– What triggers actually are
– What is happening at the unconscious level
– Why you shouldn’t OWN your triggers or panic/anxiety/depressive attacks
– Two examples from my own life
– What a triggering moment is protecting you from
– How to start eliminating your triggers
– A quick technique if you are triggered in the moment, how to apply it properly and the benefits of it

This episode will help you to start to see triggers differently and you will learn how to start to take your power back.

Enjoy xx