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Episode 19: Body Memory and How It Can Impact Fertility

How does your body know to react to the fear you have of heights or spiders even when they are no real threat? Because your mind and body are intrinsically linked.

So when we have experienced BIG Traumas and Little traumas in life, the body remembers these things because they were a threat to our safety. And the unconscious mind will prioritise keeping you safe over your fertility.

The fact of the matter is, the body keeps the score, not us.

So in todays episode we will explore:

  • Why a fertility journey can show you were you have been ignoring things you need to deal with
  • Some examples of how the body can hold on to past ‘memories’ that don’t work in your favour
  • Examples of both physical, emotional and mental ways the body holds that memory
  • Why we are still holding on to things from a long ago
  • Why it’s important to deal with these things for your fertility and often the key, and
  • An example from Kim Kardashian – because why not!

Enjoy xx