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Episode 23: Feminine Energy and Fertility

A fertility journey can often be a confusing time of learning to let go of what we cannot control and start to listen more deeply to our intuition.

But instead, we often push push push and seek out further tests and more and more things we can do in an effort to try and stay in control.

However, today, along with Laetitia Andrac, a holistic business coach, we will present to you why Feminine Energy is so important on the Fertility Journey and how it will allow you to take action on your fertility journey that also feels aligned and feels good.

And how Feminine Energy allows you to both, let go of control and maintain control at the same time.

Plus, how embracing your Feminine Energy allows you to remove resistances you may have to getting pregnant and overcome fears.

And how you can embrace Feminine Energy even if you have a strategic job in a male dominated environment.


Bella xx