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Episode 7: Releasing Fear – How Fear and Stress Affect Your Fertility

When we are trying to conceive a baby, it is very easy to get focused on the physical aspects of diet and supplements.

Very few times we ever think about overhauling our thought patterns, our emotional states or our perspectives. We have never been taught that these can make a huge difference to our lives, and the health of our bodies. 

Moreover, we have never been taught that holding on to unresolved negative emotions can cause friction in the body and push our body into states of disease.

And fear can become such a huge part of fertility when things are taking their time to happen.

In this episode I talk about:

  • How a shift in perspective can change your whole mental, emotional and energetic state
  • A real life example of someone healing their body by shifting their perspective
  • A personal example of ‘fight or flight’ and what a dramatic effect it can have on the mind and body
  • How stress can cause us to have irrational thoughts and subsequently affect our decision making abilities
  • How fear and stress keep our body from repairing itself
  • How fear and stress shows up in our life on an everyday basis, and
  • How to start to release fear and tap into your intuition.
Enjoy xx