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Episode 9: Infertility – Is It Really Unexplained?

What happens when tests fail to explain why pregnancy isn’t happening? Well most of us just try to double down harder on google searches to find that one MAGIC thing that is going to turn it all around.

It makes us feel powerless and lost and increases that sense of desperation.

Funnily enough though, if we stop looking outward and start looking inward we can often find that magic within us.

In this episode I explore:

  • Why I think ‘Unexplained Infertility’ is an unfair assessment.
  • What doctors are really saying when they say ‘Unexplained’.
  • Studies that explain many instances of ‘Unexplained Infertility’.
  • The one thing that I’ve found overwhelming in helping women realise their dreams of becoming a mother.
  • Why it is important to address that one thing whether or not you believe it is keeping you stuck, and
  • How to shift from being stuck to feeling empowered.
Take back your power beautiful mamas!

Enjoy xx