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How I Became Pregnant With Unexplained Infertility at 38 – My Personal Story

Today I am getting really personal on the podcast, like REALLY personal and sharing with you my story on how I conceived my son, Dashiell.⁠

It’s an 11 year long story that I have condensed as much as possible. 😁⁠

Today on the podcast you will hear about:⁠

– How I experienced insensitive doctors in my first month of trying⁠

– Why I felt so lonely on my journey⁠

– Why my journey to conceiving my son took so long!⁠

– Why at one stage I completely shelved my baby plans and grieved ever having children⁠

– Why I don’t believe it would have worked before it did⁠

– How a dramatic decision actually set me up for success and opened up how I approached my fertility with a whole lot less pressure⁠

– Why it is so important to have emotional and mental health on the journey⁠

– How I approached IVF the first time and why it was so different to how other people approach it and why I believe that is why it worked.⁠

There is so much to unpack this episode.  Honestly, grab a cup of tea.⁠