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How to Deal With Desperation of Needing to Be Pregnant Now

Sometimes waiting for things that we know are a certainty is hard enough. But infertility is about waiting for something that you have no certainty about – and that is mentally taxing.

No matter who I talk to, whether they are 30 or 43, most women feel a time pressure to get pregnant when pregnancy is not happening.

Some people feel the pinch of age. Or pressure from family or society.

Some people feel like they just can’t go on anymore and so it has to happen now.

And everything in between.

When we feel so emotionally invested in the outcome, we want these things to happen as soon as possible and we want them to happen YESTERDAY! When the uncertainty is so great, we want the answers now.

But none of that allows us to reduce our stress and learn to let go so we don’t drive ourselves crazy and destroy ourselves in the process.

So today, I’m going to talk to you about how to deal with these feeling so you have the chance to surrender a little bit more.

Bella xx