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How to Stay on Track When Trying to Feel Better While Trying to TTC

“I just need to think more positively,” comes the inevitable reply when I ask a new client what they want to get out of fertility coaching.

It’s not that thinking positively isn’t a good thing or isn’t where they will end up.

But how many times have you tried to ‘just think positively’ and you ended right back where you are now, feeling alone, miserable, traumatised and like you can’t go on?

We get stuck in loops of trying to feel better and then falling right back to where we were before.

Because we don’t know how, because we don’t have the tools, because we have never been taught what goes into real change.

But also, we have never been taught what key ingredients will keep us on track to feeling better and feeling more positive within ourselves REGARDLESS of what goes on around us. REGARDLESS of having a bad day.

So today I reveal what you need to know so that you can stay on track and continue to feel better even if you get your period, hear a pregnancy announcement or have a failed cycle.

Enjoy xx


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