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How To Stop Obsessing About Becoming Pregnant

You may have started off trying to conceive perfectly normally. Feeling hopeful and excited and planning the cute way that you were going to tell your husband or partner when you finally got that positive pregnancy test.

Yet month after month when nothing happened, and those pregnancy sticks kept coming up negative, you started to panic and started trying to do all the things to get pregnant.

You might have found yourself taking those pregnancy tests earlier and earlier in your cycle, or testing out your HCG in your IVF cycle.

You might have found yourself at first trying to figure out when you are ovulating with luteinizing hormone sticks but now, the thought of NOT peeing on them makes you panic a little inside.

At first you just did things to be informed. Is there anything else obviously wrong with me on a medical front? Now you are googling everything under the sun, every single day or hours on end.

And that’s to say nothing of how your mental health is just eating you up! You CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT GETTING PREGNANT.

Well, today I’m going to give you my 3 biggest tips to learning how to stop the obsession, so you can have a hope of feeling a little calmer, a little more in control and a whole lot better!

Enjoy xx


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