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Infertility – Why ‘Just Relax’ Is Not a Strategy For Success

Have you ever met a person who was completely stressed out who could ‘just relax’ on cue after being told too?

It’s ludicrous, yet so many people still think nothing of saying – just relax and it will happen – to women who are experiencing one of the most difficult experiences they could go through – infertility.

And in fact, it would be like telling a cancer patient to ‘just relax’. It is insensitive and downright inappropriate.

Yet, we’ve all heard the stories about someone who adopted and then got pregnant, the couple who got pregnant right as they were about to start IVF and weren’t trying anymore, the couple who went on a holiday…

That sometimes we start to think there is merit in it.

In this episode, I talk about the causal link between infertility and stress, get into the science and help you to understand how you can help yourself on your journey.

And, I also go into why this annoying saying came about, why it doesn’t work and what is a REAL strategy for success.

Enjoy xx


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