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Is Your Pregnancy Testing Giving You Trauma?

Technology and advances in science have enabled us to do so much more in the privacy of our own homes than ever before, which really gives way more power to us as individuals.

And I’m all for it.

And home pregnancy tests really are a part of the fertility journey.  But are you being driven crazy by testing every month?

I know women on the fertility journey who have done 100’s of pregnancy tests and today on the podcast I want to show you:

  •  –  how those negatives push you further into despair
  •  –  how they can corrupt your mind-body connection
  •  –  how your brain absorbs the information
  •  –  how testing too often can increase your mental and emotional destress
  •  –  and how they can actually take away the control you are seeking.

I would never suggest to never test.  But today I want to show you how you might do it differently to strengthen your emotional and mental resilience and increase your trust that you can do this.

Bella xx