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Male Infertility Issues with Shaun and Ciaran

Male Fertility Issues account for 50% of infertility issues – and yet, to date, there is relatively few resources and options for men to get the same support as women do with the health and mental health sides of fertility.

Moreover, what about the other 50% of the men who are supporting their partners through IVF and other treatments who desperately want to be fathers too?

So I thought it was about time to promote some amazing Male fertility coaches in the space.

Bella xx

About Shaun Greenaway – Male Fertility Coach and Advocate

Having been diagnosed with Azoospermia in 2018, Shaun experienced the heartache of infertility, as well as the shame and secrecy attached to facing this as a man.

Now the proud father to twins conceived via the use of donor sperm, Shaun shares his story via Instagram

And as an accredited coach, Shaun helps men navigate the emotion, pain and confusion of a fertility struggle.

And you can find him here:  Check out his website

About Ciaran Hannington – The Male Fertility PT

In 2011, Ciaran was told  briefly and bluntly that he was deemed infertile and there was nothing he  could do to improve his fertility health.

After going through all the emotions, Ciaran set about improving his own fertility health drastically and went on to have two beautiful children.
His mission now as The Male Fertility PT is to work with as many men as possible, to support and educate them on how to enhance and improve their health to optimise their fertility and help achieve their goal of fatherhood.

He is passionate about starting a positive discussion about male fertility and breaking down societal stigma linked to the topic.

You can find Ciaran on instagram
or through is website.

You can find both men waxing lyrical on their podcast The Male Fertility Podcast on the streaming services where you usually listen to them.