Hey there! I’m Bella Hilton.

I love tea, terrible puns and making sure no women with a deep desire for a child goes without.

I'm On A Mission To Give Women The Tools To Process Their Emotions, Reframe Their Mindset and Improve Their Fertility Outcomes.

Studio Fertility was born out of a passion to help amazing women who are struggling on their fertility journey to start to do their journey differently.

I looked around and I wanted answers to why some women get pregnant easily and some (like yours truly) just didn’t. Especially when it is considered ‘unexplained’.

The truth is, we are taught that the fertility process is entirely physical. Yet even leading doctors know that stress, anxiety and depression can play a huge part in the outcomes.

I even heard one of these doctors say once “just don’t worry about it too much”. I think was his equivalent of ‘just relax and it will happen.’ Hmmmm….

Some women get pregnant easily despite PCOS, endometriosis, low AMH and others just spend years in the fertility grind until they are so worn down they cannot see their way out despite having done everything under the sun that is humanely possible to try.

Except one thing. A proper Mind-Body-Energy program that finally addresses some of the missing pieces.

Because you can be as fit as you like, eat SUPER clean, have a 100% clean environment but still not conceive. But what about that trauma still stuck in your body, what about that guilt you still suffer after a terminated pregnancy, what about the constant desperation and hell you feel inside on a daily basis?

True health addresses ALL areas of your life, your mental health (including any old issues that have been blocking the way), your emotional health, and your spiritual health (and I mean self-esteem here and empowerment).

That’s what I do and that’s why it works.

The aim is not only to help women put themselves in the best possible mental and emotional shape for fertility (which has HUGE PROVEN benefits for fertility) but also to allow women to get their lives back! To actually have fun again.

Too many women are not getting the actual support that they need and I don’t want to see women wasting any of their life stuck in misery.

So let’s change that.

I believe in...

The Power Of Our Mind

Your Mind is your Superpower! It has the ability to affect your emotions, help heal your body , master your life, develop resilience and create the future you have been dreaming of.

That Intuition Is Underrated

Ever KNOW something but never actually know how you know it? This is intuition. And in fact it never steers us wrong if we know how to tap into it to access it.

The Wisdom Of Our Bodies

Your body holds knowledge, wisdom. It has an incredible ability to heal itself given the right environment and is constantly in touch with your mind.

That Support Is Essential

As independent as I am, I've come to realise that sharing our lives with others is what life is all about. And we all need support in different ways. Recognising that and utilising it is actually a sign of strength.

Get The Support That You Need

DiScover the Fertility Shift

The Fertility Shift

Do you just BEG to feel better? Get off the emotional rollercoaster of your fertility journey and start to find your smile again. This is a complete Mind-Body fertility course that you can do in the comfort of your own home and your own pace, and at the same time receiving personal support through weekly calls.

Private Coaching

Get a dedicated fertility mind-body-energy expert on your team

  • – 3 x 90 minute calls per month so you are supported with your emotions, journey, unique circumstances and anything else you need to talk about.

– be guided to navigate your fertility journey with more ease

– heal your inner wounds and find out what is holding you back

– plus receive personalised hypnosis, visualisation and meditation tracks and other tools that have been created just for you.

– get access to important tools, videos and worksheets that will allow you to move forward faster.