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Coping With The Mental Load And Infertility

Do you work full-time and your busy and you have a to-do list as long as your arm, but that’s okay because you love lists and planning and you are good at it and you’ve always worked hard to get what you want?

And maybe the lists and planning and organising don’t just stop at the work, you organise and plan most things around the house and make sure everything gets done. And you are an organisational queen!

Or maybe, you don’t have the lists, but you take on the responsibility of most things about your personal life for you and your partner – laundry, food, social calendar, getting the car serviced and paying the bills on time.

And then you add a fertility challenge on top of that, and you aren’t coping very well and you’d like to have more time to just relax and be able to deal with your emotions without the pressure of everyday life because this fertility rollercoaster you have yourself on also feels like a full-time job. In fact you never get a break. And somethings gotta give and you are worried that something will be you snapping in two?

Let’s talk and the mental load and how to cope.

More and more we have realised as a society that there is work that you do that you get paid for and then there is work that you do at home that you don’t get paid for and then there is all the thinking and planning that goes into organising everything.

The planning is largely invisible work that never gets noticed but it takes a lot of energy and time.

So today in the podcast I talk about in-depth:

  • – What the mental load is
  • – Why it makes sense that it may not be an even split in your house and why that’s okay
  • – When the responsibilities haven’t been negotiated fairly in the house – how it can destroy the romance and your relationship dynamic
  • – Why it is important for you to renegotiate the mental load
  • – And a four point conversation framework on how to have a conversation about it with your partner.

Finding time for yourself on your fertility journey is important, so I hope this helps you in navigating more time for yourself.

Bella x

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